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Dimatix Printhead

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Emerald QE-256/30 AAA Printhead For Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600
This is done at a nominal 8-meter per second drop velocity when jetting fluids in the 10..
Ex Tax: $724.00
Original StarFire SG1024 / MA-2C Printhead
Specifications - Incorporate VersaDrop™ binary and grayscale jetting - Continuous ink recircu..
Ex Tax: $1,050.00
Original StarFire SG1024 / SA-2C Printhead
It uses field proven materials to deliver consistent output over a long service life with continu..
Ex Tax: $1,063.00
Sapphire QS-256/10 AAA Printhead For Fujifilm DMP-3000/WP Digital RS25
Dimatix continues building upon its long history of excellent dot placement accuracy, channel-to-..
Ex Tax: $982.00
Sapphire QS-256/30 AAA Printhead For Inca Onset S40/Durst Rho 500R
The Performa™ Sapphire QS-256/30 AAA printhead delivers best-in-class jetting accuracy combined w..
Ex Tax: $893.00